What is Clixsense?
Clixsense is a long standing PTC Site that offers multiple ways of earning money- such as clicking and viewing ads, completing surveys, downloading apps, watching videos, listening to the radio, tasks, and aquiring direct referals. It has a minimum payout of $8, which may seem a little high in comparison to other sites, which often offer $2-$5 minimum payouts, however I can honestly say this money is earned quickly- I earn about $5 dollars a day if I put in maximum effort, and earn a minimum of $1.50 per day. This has got to be my favourite PTC site, and I would definitely recommend it.


  • Earning Methods: 9/10
  • Speed: 10/10
  • Reliability: 10/10
  • Cashout: 10/10
  • Total: 9/10

Earning Methods:
Ads in Clixsense pay from $0.001 to $0.02. I make about $0.05 to $0.10 per day from the Ads feature of the site. In my opinion, this is a decent payout, much better than many other PTC sites where even spending hours online will end up getting you around $0.03 per day, no matter how hard you try to make more. However, using ads alone on Clixsense won’t get you very far, and if the only thing you’re interested in doing is clicking ads, a better option would be Ayuwage, which offers a much higher Ad Payout.

I love the surveys that Clixsense offers. They offer a huge variety of different survey providers, such as TrialPay, PeanutLabs, OpinionSurveys and many other. These typically pay around $0.20 to $2.00, and are the most reliable surveys I’ve ever completed. You won’t necessarily qualify for all the surveys, but the ones you complete, you DO get paid for- and if you don’t, you can submit some proof of completion nd get paid within the next 48 hours. No effort here is wasted- minus from being kicked out of surveys you don’t qualify for, which does happen more often than not. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to make $32.01 from surveys alone in the past 2 weeks, which I think is a very decent amount. I can generally complete 2-10 surveys per day.

The survey providers Clixsense uses also offer various different offers, allowing for a bit of extra quick cash. Offers include things like watching short videos, downloading apps for your phone, playing browser games, signing up to websites, and listening to the radio. They typically take much less time than surveys to complete, and usually there is no qualification needed- if it’s offered, you can do it and get paid. Payout is from $0.03 to $3. They’re pretty reliable, however sometimes you will need to send in a ticket as they’re less reliable than the surveys, and don’t always pay. This isn’t as big of an issue though, as they don’t take up too much time so nothing is wasted as such.

Many PTC sites offer “games of chance”, where you click some ads for free, and have a chance of winning some money. Clixsense uses the Clixgrid game for this- a 15 by 30 square grid of little boxes. You have 30 clicks to spend clicking the boxes, and can win a variety of prizes, from extra clicks, and then money (up to $10). I’ve clicked the grid over 300 times, but have never won any money; I have won extra clicks though. Not winning anything does not mean your time has gone to waste, as clicking the grid 20 times is one of the daily tasks you do in order to win a daily bonus.

Clixsense, unlike many PTC sites, does not offer the option to rent referalls. The only referalls you can get are direct- which may seem scary as it’s very different to the norm, but in reality it just safeguards against people losing money. If you want a PTC site in which the main goal is renting referalls, Neobux may be a better option.

One thing that matters a lot to me in choosing PTC sites is how fast and how consistently you can actually earn. Clixsense has an excellent speed of earning, you literally get back the amount of effort you put it, and some can earn up to $10 a day, with NO REFERALLS. This is brilliant as it means you don’t have to rely on others to make money with Clixsense like you do with so many other PTC sites, which is very important to me, as I’m of the mindset- if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Reliability & Cashing Out
Probably the single most important factor when it comes to using PTC sites- Is it reliable? The answer is quite simply yes. Clixsense is reliable, when you cashout, you will get your money, and you will get it quickly. (Within the same day you cashout, if you cashout early on monday or friday). The only reliability issue is that some of the surveys/offers may not pay you, but I find this to be exceptionally rare, and it really isn’t much more than a minor set back- you can send in a ticket and almost always get paid. Some people dislike the thought of the $8 cashout ($6 for premium members), but as soon as they try the site, they forget these worries- the money collects so rapidly that even inexperienced PTC users will be able to cashout within a few days.